F-23 - Legging Sia Siara-Print - 382-31  
D-03 - Trouser Basic PRINT-40-1  
F-23 - Legging Sia Siara-WFP -01-0
F-31 - Legging Aster-PRINT-SPOTS-1-1
Basic and elastic wide leg trousers in a fluid material. These very comfy and elegant trousers give a feminine touch to every outfit. Easy to wear and combine with any outfit, these trousers are a must have for every woman to have in their wardrobe.
Well fitted basic long legging. Declined in several colors to match with any outfit. The cut of this legging perfectly shows the shape of curvy women. A must have in a lady wardrobe.
D-03 - Trouser Basic PRINT-125-1  
D-03 - Trouser Basic PRINT-129-2  
D-03 - Trouser Basic PRINT-140-1  
D-03 - Trouser Basic PRINT-147-1