C-4045 - Tunica Bohemia -Print-40-1
C-4061 - Tunica Regalo-Black - 001
C-4061 - Tunica Regalo-PRINT - MIX - 52-1
C-5013 TUNICA MONIKA- PRINT- 211-75/001  
C-5013 TUNICA MONIKA- PRINT- 214-75/026  
C-5013 TUNICA MONIKA- PRINT-183-1/066  
C-6009 - TUNICA - D.Cobalt - 060-All
C-6009 - TUNICA - WHITE-002-001-TRIM
C-6032 Tunic - Black- 001  
A Basic tight long sleeves Tunic is designed to show body curves. This tunic is produced in many different colors. This tunic is a must have that every lady should have in her wardrobe.
Stylish wrap around dress constructed with numerous tucks and pleats to create a detailed and attractive silhouette.