N-50 - Blazer Corona-VIS - 323-1  
N-6003 - Blazer Petronella-Suede Feel-Print-1-5  
N-46 - BLAZER ELEGANCE - Black-D.Grey Trim -001-020  
N-4002 Suede Feel Jacket - OAKER - 065  
N-51 - Blazer Elara-Wine Red - 032Finishing Touch Jacket  
N-28 - Blazer / Vest Pully - BLACK - 001  
ME-0407 - Maelle Bolero-Vest -Solid Black-001  
N-28 - Blazer / Vest Pully-PRINT - 147-3  
A long elegant blazer opened at the front.
Must-have blazer with tuck sleeve detail and wide flowing drape, creating an effortless layering piece.
A very elegant basic blazer that can be added to a simple or chic outfit.
Very trendy leatherlook blazer 3 different ways to wear it : - Both parts attached at the shoulder buttons - Half open / only one side attached - Totally open.
Trendy peplum jackets with beautiful faux leather fabic
Jacket made out of soft leatherlook material with a white zipper that can be combined basic items to upgrade it and gives an amazing silhouette.
Open sleeveless Bolero with large flatered triangle flaps and small pockets in the sides for a casual and trendy style.
Stylish simple bolero with fur and slight drape at the front creating a nice soft hemline.
Stylish simple bolero with slight drape at the front creating a nice soft hemline.